• What is a story behind? When and why it was founded?

    • The initial idea was to create a platform to help startups with Russian speaking founders to settle in Germany and succeed in the European Market. Besides, we started with an idea to build a powerful community of tech entrepreneurs in Berlin to enable entrepreneurs with a similar cultural background, share experience, discuss problems and collaborate with each other to find best solutions.

  • What does do exactly?

    • Currently, operates in three areas:
    • We are growing a community of Russian speaking tech entrepreneurs in Germany by organizing meetups, hosting networking events and thereby creating a common space to share experience, get first-hand knowledge from industry experts, interact with like-minded people and build valuable connections.
    • We are matching tech entrepreneurs with a broad range of our partners and network members – investment companies, accelerators, tech hubs and major players in tech industries. We help startups founded by Russian speakers to find financing, industry partners, service contractors etc. – you name it!
    • We are providing informational support to Russian speaking entrepreneurs willing to move or expand to Germany.

    In 2019 will launch the acceleration program for startups planning to expand their operations or relocate to Germany, stay tuned for more details.

  • How does it work? Is it a commercial initiative?

    • was created with a mission of helping Russian speaking tech entrepreneurs and a vision of being a non-profit organization and a fund. Non-profit does not mean though that it is not going to generate financial resources but it does mean that all of them will be allocated to its strategic goal – to help entrepreneurs expand their businesses to European markets.

  • Do you work strictly with startups from Russia or CIS countries? What if I come from Georgia? Ukraine? Etc.

    • is beyond any political or geographical matters. We are creating a community of like-minded people that share a similar background and what unites us is the Russian language (which is the 8th most spoken language in the world!). However, official language of our external resources (f.e., presentations, website), as well as our events, is English because, on one hand, we do not want to limit the audience that might be interested in a Russian-speaking community and, on the other hand, we are working with many German organizations that do not speak Russian but are our partners (f.e. GTEC, Berlin Partners).

  • What is a vision for future development? Where is it going?

    • We envision as a top-of-mind platform and the main partner for Russian-speaking tech startup founders willing to expand to Germany as well as creating a collaborative and strong community of startups that are already present there. We want our networking events and conferences all over Germany to be the principal meeting point for tech entrepreneurs and investors interested in the Russian-speaking community.

  • I want to be a part of team! Can I join? Is it a full-time paid job?

    • At the moment its team is working completely voluntarily (you can see who is in our team here). However, there is a middle term plan of hiring full-time employees to grow operations of and create more value for the startups.
      We are looking for team members in the following areas: SMM (growing our online community and other social media channels), UX (working on the online platform and improving its user experience for the startups) and Content management (including writing posts for our blog and taking interviews with Russian speaking founders in Germany).

      Please drop us an email to with a short introduction that will help us learn more about your background, skills and what you would like to do as a volunteer.

About Startup Support

  • I am planning to relocate/expand business in Germany. How can help me?

    • Moving to Germany can be less challenging if you know country related specifics. We will navigate you through the most important bureaucratic steps, introduce you to the people in the industry who already “been there, done that” and assist you with the networking – we can match you with VC, accelerators, potential partners or service providers. We do not charge entrepreneurs for these services as we are not a consulting firm but a platform that supports startups. With all questions please contact Manana Papiashvili,

  • I already have a business/startup in Germany. What does have to offer me?

    • RuHUB does matchmaking with VC and runs acceleration programs, organizes events with tech agenda and many more to be announced in 2019. For all our initiatives we invite founders, businesses, tech experts and our first point of contact is always our community. Our community members can also share content with each other via various platforms – newsletters, closed groups on Facebook/WhatsApp, web publications etc. You may apply here (link)
    • RuHUB is a publicly acknowledged series of meetups and we are always happy to work with new speakers – experts, visionaries, founders, leaders. Please contact us at

  • What if I have a business in Germany but not in a tech industry – can I still be a part of

    • Yes, you never know when you might need a simple and affordable solution that will make your life as a business owner easier. Startups from our community are very much willing to offer it. At Meetups, you can get some insights from the industry, meet people who are behind the most interesting initiatives and build connections with potential partners. We kindly invite you to join our community on Facebook here where you will get all information about upcoming meetups and partnership opportunities.


  • How can help a VC or an accelerator from any Russian speaking country?

    • We developed special partnership programs for investment funds, accelerators, tech hubs & technology clusters. We are ready to:
    • represent partner’s interests in Germany,
    • assist our partners with their initiatives on the German market
    • help startups from partners’ pool expand to the European market.

    • For partnership programs’ details, please, contact us at